Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration

NCAComp specializes in the administration of workers’ compensation claims.

We have been diligent in this work since 1991, and have developed into a boutique provider of services for a wide range of unique clients.

These services include:

Self-Insurance Consultation

Self-insurance is a choice that has long-term implications. We are able to consult and advise on all aspect of your workers’ compensation self-insurance program, and to coordinate with the regulators on your behalf.

Reimbursement and Recovery Services

Our team works to ensure you receive all possible recovery from all available sources. Our recovery specialist tracks every penny until your program has been fully reimbursed. Transparency is important: We are able to provide reporting on all recovery activity.

Section 32 Evaluation and Negotiation

The best claim is a closed claim. Our claim adjusters have been trained in aggressive closure strategies, and our proprietary claims system provides assistance in settlement tracking and reporting so that opportunities are not missed.

Excess Insurance Reporting

The NCA claims system tracks all excess policies for our clients and automatically reports claims properly when a reporting trigger has been met. This ensures that none of our clients’ claims are denied for late reporting.

MMSEA Section 111 Administration

We provide regulatory reporting to the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) utilizing our in-house software to report directly to the federal government. This allows us to provide crucial service in a timely manner for no additional cost to our clients.

Annual Stewardship Reviews

Our clients need transparency and clear, concise information to be able to make decisions about their program. In addition to regular meetings and reporting, we offer clients an annual review of their program costs and detail on how their program stacks up against our client benchmarks.

Cost Savings Tracking

NCAComp works to consistently provide cost savings to our clients. We track this work as part of our employee incentive program. When you save money, our employees earn a financial bonus for their success.

Claim Reviews/Round Tables

In-person and Telephonic

Claim reviews allow us to work with our clients to ensure we are all on the same page for claim strategy and to confirm that we have all the information we need on an employee. Claim reviews include a formal claim report as well as the ability to view and make changes to the claim during a review (due to remote access by your claims management team).

Client Educational Services:

We work best when our clients are educated about their program. We provide regular training on industry news and changes, and can detail how it will affect your claims. Our account manager is also able to provide staff training on how to work with NCA and workers’ compensation best practices.

Safety and Loss Control Consultation

NCAComp provides our clients with loss data so that they are able to make educated decisions for their safety and loss control program. If you need onsite help, we are able to refer you to a panel of trusted safety partners.