Safety and Loss Control Consultation

As your workers’ compensation claims administrator, NCAComp houses all the data on your workers’ compensation program.

Due to the powerful claims system we utilize, we are able to leverage this data into practical reporting for your safety and loss control program.

Our consultation services center around a review of analytics, and often examine:

Accident Location

We assess whether certain locations causing a high frequency of accidents.

Cause of Injury

Determine if many injuries are related to a similar cause, like slips and falls.

Type of Injury

Assess high occurrences of a certain type of injuries, like sprains and strains.

Length of Employment

Audit the number of accidents that are happening with employees who have been with you for under one year.

Time of Year

Determine the seasons that most of your accidents are prone to happen.

Job Title

Find the potential accident costs that are being driven by a particular job within your company.

Other Concerns

We’re here to address any or all other concerns that you may have. You know your company best, and we’re happy to help protect it.

The best safety programs are run by a committee of dedicated employees within your company – your safety program does not have to cost a lot of money! By utilizing this data and NCA’s reporting, your in-house safety committees may focus their efforts to create the most effective and customized safety plan.

Please note: We do not provide onsite loss control visits or inspections. If you require this type of service, we are able to provide references to reliable contractors in your area.