Types Of Clients

NCAComp works to provide individualized solutions for many types of clients.

Each of our clients have unique needs that require a partner who has the flexibility and technological capability to provide the control and the cost containments our clients expect, while also keeping them within the letter of the law for NYS workers’ compensation.

All of our clients have common needs, including control over their plan, cost containment programs, coordination of return-to-work efforts, and compliance with state and federal laws.

Unique Solutions Needed
for Unique Clients


  • Self-Insured Employer

    Excess insurance placement and reporting, safety consultation, individualized reporting and claim reviews for upper management

  • Municipalities

    Specific reporting to fit into budget proposals, budget assistance, public employer law compliance, and unique settlement terms

  • School Districts

    Return-to-work and other challenges with union employees, program administration, budget prep, and excess insurance placement

  • High Deductible Plans

    Coordination with the deductible carrier and complete electronic data interchange with outside parties

  • Insurance Company

    Client access and interaction to ensure claim handling is within insurance company restrictions while also in compliance with state law

  • Captive Insurance Plan

    Specialized reporting and coordination with the client and the fronting carrier to ensure coverage and service expectations are met

  • Run-off

    Aggressive claim closure and resolution, communication with self-insureds, administration of assessments and collections if needed in a group, completion of a complete closure through an Assumption of Liability policy with a national carrier (no commission charged)


    Assumption of Liability or Loss Portfolio Transfer programs are one of only two ways that a self-insured program can close in New York State. We work to execute these policies for our clients, and have participated in 83% of all ALPs in New York State

  • State Agencies

    Specialized reporting and coordination with union employees. For runoff programs, coordination of multiple programs for agency-wide reporting and administration

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