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Comp Care: Medical Case Management for Workers' Compensation Claims
Comp Care, the medical case management service offered by NCAComp, is an integral part of the claims adjusting process. Our case management nurses and claims examiner work closely together to minimize medical expenses and close your claim as quickly as possible.

Vocational Rehabilitation for Injured Workers
Our goal is to save employers' money while achieving an early return to work for injured workers. However, when an accident results in injuries that prevent an employee from returning to their original job, we utilize the services of a vocational rehabilitation specialist.

Working with the treating physician, the claimant, and job placement specialists, we will identify new employment that can be performed within the physical limitations of the claimant. We will also use job retraining services to help motivated individuals become qualified for new employment opportunities.

Other Comp Care Services:

  • Telephonic Case Management. This service is provided in 30-day increments at a flat fee. During this period, the medical case management nurse will contact the employer, the treating physician, and the claimant to coordinate the return to work process.

  • Case Reviews. Our case review work is designed to save our clients the expense of a full-blown Independent Medical Examination.

  • Prescription Review. We will review the drugs being prescribed for your long-term claimants to ensure the current regime is proper for the type of workers' compensation claim that was established by the record.
  • Field Case Management. This is a pay-by-the hour service. A field-based nurse case manager will be assigned to assist the injured worker through their treatment and rehabilitation, and will help them return to work. The service includes working with the NCAComp claims department to coordinate treatment plans and evaluate the diagnosis.

Please call NCAComp at 1-888-806-1109 if you have any questions about Comp Care.

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