Making Workers' Compensation Work Since 1991™

In-House Bill Review

NCAComp is able to save our clients money by utilizing the most up-to-date cost containment strategies. This includes our in-house bill review service. It has the following features:

  • Fee Scheduling
    Every medical bill is transferred to our Fee Scheduling Department to be adjusted in accordance with the NYS fee schedule. Fee schedulers utilize state-of-the-art software to ensure that all fee data is updated automatically when changes occur. This software allows us to report the bill review results, as well as remove any duplicate bills.

  • Bill Adjustment
    When we come across a very high bill (i.e., for a hospital or large surgery), we work closely with a vendor who is able to negotiate with the provider for a price below fee schedule amounts.

  • PPO Utilization
    While direction of care is not permitted under NYS workers' compensation law, we are able to access a PPO network to provide our clients with additional savings below fee schedule. These are "passive savings" realized when an injured worker utilizes a provider within the network. In many cases, the savings from this program are substantial enough to cover the cost of the entire bill review program.
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