Making Workers' Compensation Work Since 1991™

How We Make Workers Compensation Work in Upstate New York

As administrators of workers compensation solutions for employers throughout Buffalo, Rochester, and Upstate New York, NCAComp pledges to always do what is best for our clients and our staff.

For our clients:

  • We are committed to offering our services at a fair price.
  • We go that "extra mile" in every aspect of our work.
  • We choose companies that are committed to improving the safety of their workplaces.
  • We become engaged immediately with customers when their accident prevention efforts falter. We find the reasons for the faltering efforts and develop a remediation plan to correct the situation.

For our staff:

  • We maintain a workplace where effort, ability, and commitment to our organization and our principles are rewarded.
  • Company management is committed to providing employees with the tools and equipment to do their jobs well.
  • We offer an incentive plan designed by NCA employees, to reward those who display commitment and work ethic "over and above" for our clients.
  • We believe in promoting from within whenever possible.
  • We strive to be a "best employer" for our employees by offering a wide range of meaningful fringe benefits.
  • We help one another when our own work is caught up.
  • We support the charities our employees believe in by offering a matching gift program.