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Our Clients Say it Best

In December 2010, NCAComp surveyed all of our trust fund members and private self-insured clients in order to evaluate the quality of services provided by each of our departments. We're proud to say that we scored 90% or above in every single category. But don't just take our word for it. See the results for yourself below.

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A variety of employers from across Buffalo, Rochester, and Upstate New York look to NCAComp to administer their self-insured workers' compensation programs. Here's just a sampling of our satisfied clients.

"NCAComp has managed our trust with vision, integrity, competence and reliability. As a trustee, I have relied on NCAComp to provide leadership and guidance to best position the Trust to meet the many challenges facing self-insured programs. Furthermore, throughout all aspects of their organization, I believe you will encounter knowledgeable staff capable of and committed to enhancing your worker's compensation program, with strong emphasis on safety and prevention."

Peter Stark
Controller & Treasurer, Ellison Bronze

"Since taking over the administration of our Trust, your firm has helped us continually upgrade the safety programs of our membership, improve the financial condition of the trust and provide skilled and knowledgeable guidance to me and my fellow trustees. Your marketing efforts have been successful in ensuring that our group maintains the critical mass necessary to make it successful. You and your firm have always demonstrated the highest standards of competence and professional integrity in performing your work on our behalf."

Philip Dagger
Trustee, Preferred Manufacturers Insurance Trust Fund